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March 2021 // ‘Portland goes to Portland’, Portland (residency), Dorset, UK

November 2020 // Facilitators, curators and participants for ‘Turner and the Isle of Portland’ Late at Tate, Tate Britain (postponed), London, UK

July 2020 // ‘Situationist RCA’, a physical, virtual and pan-continental series of happenings, events and installations, London, UK

March 2020 // Portland Artist Talk, UAL Learning and Teaching Conference, Central St Martins, London, UK (postponed), London, UK



Portland is a group of 8 emerging artists collaborating on an experimental publishing, writing and visual arts project, exploring experiences of connection and isolation within geographical displacement and global art practices.

Our magazine exists as an imaginary site where we can come together and create a platform for our work.

Through the magazine format we are interested in ideas of legitimacy, distortions of fantasy and reality, sustainability and community, exploring how the shared creation of a paradoxical place both haunted and unwanted that part of each of us inhabits can help us find solutions to our contemporary struggles and alienations.

P      is for place

O      is for origin

R      is for rhetoric

T      is for time

L      is for laboured

A      is for art

N      is for MAFA with an n

D      is for depression

Curriculum vitae, quotes & contact
(Download Portland CV.pdf)

publication, introspection, interaction.

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